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Monday, March 31st, 2003

Lunchtable! | By: Darrell M. Stark
#91 | 03.31.2003 | "Overused Plot Alert!"

Yellow Notepad: Issue #91 | 03.31.2003
Hey all, what up?
Ok, this is the new style. You may or may not like it, but believe it or not, it's better. You see, there's no more lined paper, and there's no more pencil, and there's continuing storylines, and you can actually see that the people exist!
Continuing storylines...:
Well, that basically means that i will now have storylines that last for awhile. I you've looked at the Upcoming Strips page recently, you'll see that this storyline has been planned out until May-ish. I've tested it out, too (ie: shown it around school and gotten very approving laughs and compliments from my schoolchums.) So, it'll be funny. It may be a little off-kilter, (ie: not make much sense) at some parts, but it'll all come together.
Please review my new style on the forums. I love feedback, bad or good. It helps make the comic better... if that's possible...
Also, i hope to be on Keenspace soon. One of these days, they'll let peeps on. And then i'll have a much better site, with the comic directly on the main page, and better graphics and such like that.
Can't wait until the hundreth!
Darrell M. Stark