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Saturday, December 14th, 2002

Yellow Notepad: Issue #6 | 12.14.2002
There's this kid in my TV class. His name is Lee Forgione. We call him Mole, because of this really big mole he has on his arm. He is very annoying, especially to Dave.
Now, let's take Dave. Dave is quiet-ish. He's weird and messed-up, just like the rest of us at the table and most of the people at the school. He really doesn't like Mole.
Recently, in TV, we got a cherry picker. Dave was really interested in it. I made a joke about being able to imagine Dave in the cherry picker, chasing people down while he's evilly laughing at everyone. It was funny, or at least I thought it was.
Then, someone brought up the idea of superheroes in the comic, so I used it for so that Dave (The Cherry Picker Kid) could fight Mole (Moleman) to the death.
I'll probably add more and more to the storyline every once and awhile. Look back after the year...
Darrell M. "Sorry for the long-ass explanation" Stark