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Thursday, December 19th, 2002

Yellow Notepad: Issue #11 | 12.19.2002
Our school lunches are so messed up...
"How messed up are they?"
They're so messed up, that we get the food in the original package!
Now, I could make up a lie AKA this is the school joke that everyone says at some point every single frickin' day, or I could come up with some half-assed explanation for the comic, but I don't really feel like it...
This idea just popped in my brain.
Note: My brain wasn't full of sugar, drugs, alcohol, or under the influence of They Might Be Giants when the idea popped in...
Note2: The first person to post the small phrases in this strip on the forum wins...the satisfation of knowing that they are my number 1 fan! (Run away, fast!)
Note3: The pretzel box says: "FROZEN PRETZELS!" "NEW! W/ Salt!" and "Please Heat." The can is from (sna)PPLE and it's (straw)BERRY flavored...
Darrell M. Stark