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Friday, December 27th, 2002

Yellow Notepad: Issue #19 | 12.27.2002
Woo, Tap Surprise! The best drink ever, except for Damn!
Darrell M. Stark

Lunchtable! | Guest Artist: David Baker
Extra #2 | 12.27.2002 | "Thermsplosion!"

Yellow Notepad: Special Issue #2 | 12.27.2002
Special thanks to David "Big Eyes" Baker for drawing today's extra strip an being my first guest artist!
This one is based on a true story from my history teacher, Mrs. Donohoe. One day in class about two weeks ago, the heat went out. The technitions came in later that day and did their thing and fixed it. The temperature was fine, maybe a little too warm the next day. Everything was fine...until...
(note) Highlight the next line to see what the problem was...
The thermostat sparked and a small flame started!!!
Mrs. Donohoe, being the smart person she is, realized that she needed help. But, to get it, she would have to overcome a tough obsticle...The thermostat was above the phone and next to the door!
She braved the miniature flame and rescued the phone from destruction.
Unfortunetly, the school repaid her kindness by sending in THE NURSE! to rectify the situation. Nevertheless, everything turned out okay and the day was safe...
True story.
So, I asked Dave to draw this for me, because, frankly, I'M TIRED OF DRAWING!!!! and I wanted to see Dave do it...
See ya tomorrow...
Darrell M. Stark