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Monday, January 13th, 2003

Lunchtable! | By: Darrell M. Stark
#26 | 01.13.2003 | "The Pepsi Conspiracy: Page 1"

Yellow Notepad: Issue #26 | 01.13.2003
Welcome to Page 1 of Lunchtable!'s first storyline!
Each day for the next couple days, I'll add a new page of the comic. You'll see how the story progresses. You'll see how things unfold. You'll see what will go on. You...will...see!!!
I hope you enjoy it...
Note: On that last frame on the right of the strip, that's Mr. Heenan, my teacher. If you don't know, he's standing in the Secret Teacher's Lounge, A long-rumored-and-hidden-room that's hidden behind the Pepsi machine... (...that I made up for this storyline and for the purpose of the cameo)...
Note2: That mini-frame that says "Later" on it has a clock behind it if you can't tell... (...stupid people...)
Darrell M. Stark