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Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

Lunchtable! | By: Darrell M. Stark
#43 | 01.29.2003 | "Ad Week: Wednesday"

Yellow Notepad: Issue #43 | 01.29.2003
Ok, so, I was bored in class. I went to the Ikea website,, and found the couch. I went into MS Paint, drew my character (with one leg and arm), and colored it. My friend Dan Ruiz said to add the other leg (the bottom one). I did. My friend Ted Meskers said to add the other arm (the hanging over the couch one). I did. Dave Baker told me to shadow it. I did the shadows on the couch and decided I needed more, so I did the shirt and pant shadows. Afterwords, I loved how it turned out so much, that I made it the ad for today. True story. :D
Darrell M. Stark

Lunchtable! | Guest Artist: David Baker
Extra #14 | 01.29.2003 | "Dave's Surprise..."

Yellow Notepad: Special Issue #14 | 01.29.2003
I'm a chicken and proud of it (and I have no life).
David Baker
It's true! All of it! No life!
Darrell M. Stark