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Monday, February 10th, 2003

Lunchtable! | By: Darrell M. Stark
#54-#61 | 02.10.2003 | "War of the Tables: Pages 1-8"
#62      #| 02.10.2003 | "And I'm off..."

Yellow Notepad: Issue #54-#62 | 02.10.2003
"War of the Tables, Page 1"
-Ok, nothing special to explain in here...
"War of the Tables, Page 2"
-Heh! Shane's wearing a little tophat and suit and everything for his big song...
-Mr. Smith's back!
-For the first time ever, there's an extra! Bottom frame of the left...
-Last Frame: Ever seen Wizard of Oz?
"War of the Tables, Page 3"
-Artist Guy's back too...
-Brandon really does tell stupid stories like that about me. I took most of the recent ones and combined them...
-Yes, Van's annoying.
"War of the Tables, Page 4"
-Is it my imagination or does that bottle say Tap Surprise on it? *wink*
-Read The Pepsi Conspiracy! Read it after this!
"War of the Tables, Page 5"
-It's my school!
-Ok, second and third frames on the second line...That's a trumpet!
-Last Frame: Felix is projecting a force field. Get it?
"War of the Tables, Page 6"
-I gotta fire that cue card guy who just crosses things out...
"War of the Tables, Page 7"
-For those of you who don't understand, a table fell on Shane, okay?
-My school's bell really does make the sound, "TOOOOONNNNEEEE!!!!"
"War of the Tables, Page 8"
-Does 'forgetting' have two t's?
"And I'm off..."
-Top to bottom:
   --I'm going to Hollywood.
   ---I'm probably going to Rodeo Drive.
   ----I'm gonna see tapings of Just Shoot Me, The Drew Carey Show and Jay Leno.
   -----I'm sleeping in a hotel.
Final Thoughts...
Well, have a good time while I'm gone, everyone...
See ya in a week!
Darrell M. Stark